The following links will take you to other websites. These sites have either been researched by the author, recommended by supporters, or are networking partners with common goals or interests.

If you know of a website that has useful information, please tell us so we can review it for placement on From Here to the Streets.

Be sure to try this link. This is your primary Link for all types of resources:

The Service Locator - One Stop Centers Across the Nation

Institute for Ministries
Reentry National Outreach
Prison Fellowship
Fortune Society
Open Inc

Small Business Administration
Home Business Magazine

Addiction Treatment Services in Long Island, NY -
Tom and Laura Lagana - Serving Productive Time

Gold Canyon Heart & Home
Southwestern Connections, Inc.
Enterprise Community Partners
Along Side Ministries
Idea List

Learn more about Luis Sharp and Sharper Intuition
Luis Sharp Blog -
Leah Sharpe Memorial
Luis Sharpe Press Release

Arizona Corrections Staff and Peer Educators Working Together -
The President's Volunteer Service Award

Prison Inmates Reduce Recidivism Using Peer-to-Peer Programs
Peer Mentors and Corrections Staff are Working Together to Battle Recidivism

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